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I didn’t change anything else from stock. The Axle’s are stock the Brake Calipers are stock the steering has not been touched other than the Steering Stabilizer Shock . The reason for this is.. I never wheel this Jeep in the Mud or Rock Crawling. I’m sure there are people that will disagree with the set up, but for me.. It worked on my 1979 Jeep CJ with 38 inch tires.. and never had the first problem back then. This is a street only Jeep and i am pretty easy on my vehicles. It drives better than most would expect.. Very strait and comfortable for a Jeep.. I mean as comfortable as a Jeep gets.

Here are the Modificatins I have Made so Far

So.. back to today and what my Jeeps evolution has become. I posted at the top of this page one image. Here are a few more from different angles. But first let me tell you all of the modification that have been made just in the last 2 months. 8 inch lift with 40″ Tires

This Lifted Jeep has:

6 inch Rough Country Lift

2 Inch Spring Spacers

SYE Slip Yoke Eliminator

New Clutch

4 New Bilstein 5100 Series Shocks , Gas Charged

New Gas Charged Steering Stabilizer Shock

4 New 40″ Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

5:13 Yukon Ring and Pinion Gears

You can read the original article here

So,that’s my Lifted Jeep Wrangler on 40s

Lifted Jeep Wrangler

This is the exact lift for this Jeep , The Shocks have been upgraded


Rough Country Long Arm Lift


Gain the absolute best in off-road articulation and a host of impressive features with this all-inclusive package featuring upgraded front and rear Forged Adjustable Track Bars. There are no obstacles you can’t tackle with Rough Country’s ultra-durable 6-inch Long-Arm Lift Kit for Jeep TJ. Featuring HUGE adjustable lower control arms and X-Flex Joints, this beefy Suspension setup with longer travel, high-clearance arms doesn’t just prevent binding and rear-steer, it gives unparalleled axle flex while keeping pinion angles optimized – letting you negotiate trails on your terms. With OEM style Clevite Bushings, Sway Bar Disconnects, and our large diameter N3 Shocks, you’ve got a rig that’s ready to go where most wouldn’t dare.

For those who are serious about flexing, crawling, and pushing your Jeep to the limits, this kit features upgraded front and rear Forged Adjustable Track Bars. Made of forged steel, these 16lb Track Bars boast a beefy construction that will dwarf stock equipment. Easy to install and fully adjustable on the vehicle. This kit includes Rough Country’s Lifetime Replacement Warranty.


  • Unbeatable value and the best price in the market!
  • Increased ground clearance
  • Front AND Rear adjustable track bars are made of forged solid steel for unsurpassed strength and durability
  • Lower control arms feature high clearance design
  • Extreme travel long arms keep optimum alignment and give optimum articulation.
  • X-Flex control arm features:
    • Clevite brand OEM style rubber bushings.
    • Flex joints feature a massive 2.5″ diameter body and 1.25″ thread.
    • Fully greasable.
    • Upper joints pivot up to 20 degrees.
    • Lower joints pivot up to 35 degrees.

The Cooper Discoverer STT PRO includes a distinct tread design and advanced rubber compound to create a tire that provides remarkable traction and performance. The Discoverer STT PRO uses a “flex groove” and alternating 3-2 tread pattern design to decrease road noise and increase handling while enhancing off-road performance.

The 40X13.50R17 Cooper Discoverer STT PRO has a diameter of 39.76″, a width of 13.6″, mounts on a 17″ rim and has 523 revolutions per mile. It weighs 90 lbs, has a max load of 3195 lbs, a maximum air pressure of 35 psi, a tread depth of 22/32″ and should be used on a rim width of 8.5-11″.

How long do Cooper STT pros last?

While generally tires that fit in the same competitive set as the Discoverer STT Pro get around 30,000 to 40,000 miles if you’re lucky, we’d say that number is more accurate here for those with extreme off-road use.

Are Cooper tires better than Goodyear?

What brand of tires is betterGoodyear or Cooper? Across their product line both Goodyear and Cooper offer mid-level quality tire models. … For example, Goodyear offers some very good quality tire models, some which are average quality, and others that are quite frankly very poor quality. The same goes with Cooper.

Is Cooper STT pro good in snow?

The Discoverer STT Pro simply lacks enough siping and biting edges to be usable on packed snow, and especially on ice. In these conditions, the tires slide around and don’t give the driver enough bite. Yes, they are usable for driving on unpacked snow, but you won’t encounter those conditions often.

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